Example Act In Gist


Example of Apify Actor act stored in a GitHub Gist. This is useful for small projects that have multiple source code files, where creating a full Git repository does not make sense.

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This is an example of Apify Actor act that is stored as GitHub Gist. Gist might be useful if your act has multiple source code files but you don't want to create a full Git repository for it. All files of this Gist are provided under Apache 2.0 license.

Just beware that whenever you edit the Gist, you'll need to rebuild the act.

Are you missing anything? Something not clear? Please let us know at support@apify.com


Contains the source code of the act in Node.js 8.


The file used by NPM to maintain meta-data about the package, such as list of dependencies. See NPM docs for more details.


Contains instructions for Docker how to build the image for the act. For more information, see Dockerfile reference.


The readme file is used to generate a long description of the act that is displayed in the Apify library as well as on the project's GitHub page.