Apify provides open-source libraries for JavaScript / Node.js to simplify the development of web crawlers, scrapers, data extractors and web automation jobs, as well as to enable integration with the Apify platform. The source code is available on GitHub. Would you like to see similar libraries in other languages? Please let us know!

JavaScript SDK

The apify NPM package provides tools to manage and automatically scale a pool of headless Chrome / Puppeteer instances, maintain lists or queues of URLs to crawl, store crawling results to local filesystem or into the cloud, rotate proxies and much more. The package can be used either standalone in your own application or used in actors running on the Apify platform.

JavaScript API client

The apify-client NPM package provides a JavaScript client for both Crawlers API (v1) and Actors API (v2). This package greatly simplifies the development of apps that depend on the Apify platform.