Crawl for hotels on based on search query without API and export data to JSON or CSV. This crawler works best with automatic Apify proxy.

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Apify actor for extracting data about hotels from

This actor extracts hotel data from, it can either extract directly from
the hotel list page or navigate to the detail page to get more detailed information.
The results can be ordered by any criteria supported by

Since allows only 1000 search results, in case you need to download more,
you will need to utilize the useFilters attribute to tell the crawler to enqueue all the criteria
filtered pages. This will overcome the limit, but will significantly increase the crawling time.

Input attributes

Input is a JSON object with the following properties:

    "search": SEARCH_QUERY,
    "simple": EXTRACT_FROM_LIST,
    "concurrency": MAXIMUM_CONCURRENT_PAGES,
    "checkIn": CHECK_IN_DATE, 
    "checkOut": CHECK_OUT_DATE, 
    "rooms": NUMBER_OF_ROOMS,
    "adults": NUMBER_OF_ADULTS,
    "children": NUMBER_OF_CHILDREN,
    "currency": PREFERRED_CURRENCY,
    "language": PREFERRED_LANGUAGE,
    "sortBy": BOOKING_SORT_TYPE,
    "proxyConfig": APIFY_PROXY_CONFIG
  • search is the only required attribute. This is the search query.
  • simple defines if the data should be extracted just from the list page, default is false.
  • useFilters sets if the crawler should utilize criteria filters to overcome the limit for 1000 results.
  • minScore specifies the minimum allowed rating of the hotel to be included in results, default is 8.4.
  • maxPages sets maximum number of pagination pages to be crawled.
  • checkIn check-in date in the mm-dd-yyyy format.
  • checkOut check-out date in the mm-dd-yyyy format.
  • rooms number of rooms to be set for the search.
  • adults number of adults to be set for the search.
  • children number of children to be set for the search.
  • currency preferred currency code to be set on the site.
  • language preferred language code to be set on the site.
  • proxyConfig defines Apify proxy configuration, it should respect this format:
    "proxyConfig": {
      "useApifyProxy": true,
      "apifyProxyGroups": [
  • sortBy sets a hotel attribute by which the results will be ordered, must be one of the following.
      "bayesian_review_score",    // Rating
      "popularity",               // Popularity
      "price",                    // Price
      "review_score_and_price",   // Rating and price
      "class",                    // Stars
      "class_asc",                // Stars ascending
      "distance_from_landmark"    // Distance from city centre

Starting with URLs

Instead of search INPUT attribute, it is also possible to start the crawler with an array of startUrls.
In such case all the other attributes modifying the URLs will still be applied, it is therefore suggested to
use simple urls and set all the other options using INPUT attributes instead of leaving them in the URL to
avoid URL parameter clashing.
In case the startUrl is a hotel detail page, it will be scraped. In case it is a hotel list page, the result
will depend on the simple attribute. If it's true, the page will be scraped, otherwise all the links to
detail pages will be added to the queue and scraped afterwards.
The startUrls attribute should cotain an array of URLs as follows:

    "startUrls": [
    "simple": false,
    "minScore": 8.4,