Actor crawler for extracting google search data for any query.

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Apify actor for extracting google search data.

This actor opens a google search page for the specified query and extracts all the results.


Input is a JSON object with the following properties:

    "query": SEARCH_QUERY, 
    "maxPages": MAX_PAGE_COUNT,
    "linkTypes": ALLOWED_LINK_TYPES,
    "puppeteerOptions": LAUNCH_PUPPETEER_OPTIONS

query is the only required attribute. This is the google search query.
maxPages defines how many search pages will be crawler, default is 1.
linkTypes specifies which types of links will be allowed, it is an array containing any of ["organic", "ad", "snackpack"]. All of them are allowed by default.
puppeteerOptions is a PuppeteerCrawler parameter launchPuppeteerOptions.