Apify for developers

Apify is a web scraping and automation platform. It provides a number of services to help you turn any website into an API.


Recursively crawl large websites and extract data from them using a few simple lines of JavaScript.

  • code
    Full JavaScript power

    Tell the crawler what to do using a few simple lines of JavaScript with jQuery, Underscore.js or any other client-side library. Your code runs in a browser hosted on our servers.

  • event
    Navigates arbitrary websites

    Crawl and extract data from websites that employ AJAX, complex pagination or infinite scroll using the same tools you already use for your front-end development.

  • storage
    Entirely in the cloud

    No need to install browser plugins, download any tools, set up cron jobs, databases or proxy servers. You already have all you need - your current web browser.

settings  Actor

Serverless computing platform that enables creation of custom web scraping and automation jobs. A single Actor job is called an act.

  • Use headless Chrome and Puppeteer

    Apify provides a first-class support for running headless Chrome jobs using Puppeteer. You only need to select the appropriate base image for your act and then call the launchPuppeteer() function provided by the apify NPM package.

  • Host your code on GitHub

    The source code of your acts can be hosted directly on Apify, as well as on GitHub, Docker Hub or in fact anywhere on the internet. Your act can be automatically built and published on every push to Git. It only takes a few clicks to move your existing project to Apify and publish it in the library for anyone to use it!

  • Go beyond traditional serverless platforms

    Unlike traditional serverless computing platforms, the run of an act is not time-limited. Acts can run for as long as necessary, even forever. The act can perform anything from a simple action, such as sending an email or cropping an image, to complex operations such as crawling an entire website and removing duplicates from a large dataset.

flare  Additional services

There is much more and we're adding new features and services every day! View change log.

  • event

    Schedule your crawlers or acts to run periodically every day, hour, minute or even every second using a cron-like expression.

  • storage

    Apify provides a simple key-value store to help you quickly store and retrieve data from your acts.

  • device_hub

    Apify integrates seamlessly with Zapier, Keboola, Integromat or in fact any other service thanks to the REST API.

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